Setting up the Inbox

Learn how to setup the Inbox for processing of your Responses.

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The Inbox is the first place in Finger-Ink where Form Responses go. From there, they're either processed through to Cliniko automatically, or remain in the Inbox awaiting action.

There are a few settings that you should be aware of, which affect how Responses are processed.

☝️ When your account is first created, all these settings are on by default.

Accessing Inbox settings

The Inbox settings can be accessed by clicking the settings icon in the top right-hand corner of the Inbox screen.

Storing patient record as backup

This setting is on by default — which means a backup of the patient record is taken when the Form is processed through to Cliniko. This is helpful if a mistake has been made, as you'll be able to restore the patient record during processing reversal later on.

☝️ For a patient record backup to be taken on a Response, this setting needs to be enabled before the Response is processed. Enabling it after a Response is already processed won't magically back up the patient record for reversal later.

Automatically process web Responses

When Forms are started on the iPad app, they already have an associated appointment, patient and practitioner. That means when they arrive in the Inbox, they're processed through to Cliniko automatically.

Responses that come in from the web, on the other hand, need to be matched to a patient. This setting determines whether or not to try and process the record through to Cliniko automatically.

If enabled, Responses with at least one match will choose the top match for processing, and Responses without a match will create a new patient.

Notify via email when action is required

The final setting is whether to send an email notification when there's something in the Inbox requiring action. You also get to decide who should get the notifications.

☝️ Only those that have set a password for the Portal can be notified.

Notifications are sent out when a Response remains in the Inbox. I.e. either it was unable to be processed automatically for some reason, or because the setting for automatic processing of web responses has been turned off.

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