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How do backups & processing reversals work?
How do backups & processing reversals work?

Reversals can work without backups, but they're more effective when backups are enabled.

Updated over a week ago

Since our version 5 update, we've had the ability to take a backup of the patient record before the form response has been processed. This backup allows the complete reversal of any processing that occurred on the form response.

Reversals are available both for web forms, and for forms from the iPad app.

Turning on backups

If you've only just joined Finger-Ink, we'll have patient record backups enabled by default.

If you've been a customer of ours for a while, it won't be on. The first step is to go into your Inbox settings (either via the settings icon in the Inbox itself, or via the Settings page):

The exact setting you'll want to enable is this one:

Reversing a processed response

Once a response has been processed, you'll see this button appear:

If you click that button you'll see a confirm of exactly what will be reversed. You can't specify to reverse only part of the processing — it's either all or nothing. Click the button to confirm, and you're done:

☝️ Both create patient and update patient processing can be reversed. In the case of create patient processing, the entire created patient record will be reversed.

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