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How the iPad prevents accidental Form filling
How the iPad prevents accidental Form filling

Our Safety Net feature prevents patients from filling out a Form meant for another patient.

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On the iPad, a Form can be started in one of two ways. The first is via Check-in, and the second is via the Appointments screen. This article always applies to the latter and sometimes applies to the former — if Check-in has been configured as such.

The Safety Net

When a patient comes in, your admin staff will tap their appointment then give them the iPad so they can fill out their Forms. The clinic, however, is a busy place. Mistakes can happen. The wrong appointment could be tapped by mistake — pre-filling Form information for the wrong patient, and ultimately overwriting the patient in Cliniko.

Don't worry — the iPad app has a Safety Net. Here's an example of it kicking in when the name is different, but the Form should continue anyway as the initial surname was wrong:

How the Safety Net works

If the name of the name of the patient filling out the Form differs enough from the pre-filled name, then the app will ask for assistance — allowing the admin staff to double-check whether or not form filling should continue.

If the Form shouldn't continue, then Exit form is pressed. The app requires the passcode once more, then returns to the appointments screen. This allows the admin staff to then launch the correct form:

What about typos in the name?

The Safety Net only kicks in when it detects a significant change to the name. If the name differs by only a small amount then it won't ask for assistance.

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