How email notifications work

Learn why and how we email you when there's something in the Inbox requiring action.

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If you've enabled notifications in the Inbox settings, then we'll email you whenever there's something in the Inbox requiring action. This includes:

  • A Response that tried to process automatically, but failed for some reason

  • A Response that requires an additional signature

The email

Here's what a notification email out of Finger-Ink looks like. For privacy reasons, we don't specify exactly which Responses are awaiting action.

Emails aren't sent immediately

In order to reduce the chance of our emails being marked as spam, we only send emails after any inbox activity has "settled down" for a minute or so.

For example: if you get 3 Responses in the span of one minute, you'll only get one notification email when all 3 Responses are already in the Inbox.

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