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How do I personalise Forms with placeholders?
How do I personalise Forms with placeholders?

Learn how you can use placeholders to make your Forms feel even more personal and engaging.

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Have you ever wanted your forms to feel more like a conversation and less like an interrogation? With the magic of placeholders, your forms become dynamic, personal, and engaging.

What exactly is a placeholder?

A placeholder is some specially-formatted text you add to your Form using the Editor. When the Form is filled out, the placeholder magically transforms to the value the placeholder represents. Still confused?

Here's a screen that comes after the screen requesting the patient's name in a Form:

Now here's what it looks like during Form filling:

Adding a placeholder to a Form

Adding a placeholder is done while adding text — just type the @ symbol. A list of fields will pop up which you can use in that particular place in the Form. Only fields defined above / prior / earlier to the placeholder can be used.

☝️ If the @ symbol isn't triggering the drop down, make sure there's a space before the @ symbol.

Here's the video version:

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