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iPad Receptionist Overview

Discover how the iPad can be put into receptionist / kiosk mode to allow a patient to mark themselves as arrived.

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The purpose-built Finger-Ink iPad app can be put into something we call "receptionist mode" or "kiosk mode". This allows your patients to check themselves in and fill out any necessary Forms on arrival. It also allows people who aren't there to check-in to perform other actions, such as:

  • Book a future appointment

  • Leave a message

  • Find out more about your clinic & services

It's a fully self-service system — giving you and your admin staff more time for what matters. Here's what it looks like:

Check-in via iPad

A number of items can be adjusted to tweak your Check-in flow:

  • Ask for date of birth or mobile number instead

  • Request that the patient verify their identity with their initials, or not

  • Specify which forms, if any, are required to be filled for which appointment type — and how often

  • Customise the greeting and thanks language to fit with your style

Here's a quick look at the options in the app itself:

Marked as arrived in Cliniko

When a patient checks in through the Finger-Ink app, the patient is marked as arrived on the appointment in Cliniko:

If there are Forms that need to be filled as part of the Check-in, then we'll only mark the patient as arrived on the appointment after the first Form has been filled.

Online booking via iPad

Each iPad in receptionist / kiosk mode can optionally show an "I'm not here to check in" button. This button can be pressed, or the QR code scanned to show a list of actions you deem appropriate. Here's the button in action showing online booking:

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