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How processing can be reversed

Learn how to reverse a Response to "back it out" of Cliniko.

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Perhaps the wrong appointment was selected during Form filling in the app, and the Safety Net was ignored. Or perhaps a Form was filled out via the web, and the patient it matched to was the parent rather than the child.

In these cases, you're going to want to reverse processing so that you can then process to the correct record in Cliniko.

What reversing of processing does

Reversing of processing does exactly what it sounds like. It completely backs out the changes that were made to Cliniko. This includes the patient record (as long as it was backed up), the PDF and the Treatment Note:

  • The patient record is restored to its backup

  • The PDF file is archived

  • The Treatment Note is archived

  • (if the Form was filled via the iPad app) Check-in is also reversed

Here's what the confirmation dialog looks like:

☝️ The patient record is completely overwritten with our backed-up version during a reversal. This means if any changes were made after the initial processing, these will be lost.

How to reverse processing

The first step is to find the processed Response that you'd like to reverse. Then click the reverse button and confirm the reversal.

Can created patients be reversed?

Yes. Both updated and created patients can have their processing reversed. When a created patient is reversed, their patient record will be archived in its entirety.

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