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What do my patients need to fill out Forms?
What do my patients need to fill out Forms?

Learn about the minimum requirements needed for your patients to fill out Finger-Ink forms.

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Finger-Ink Forms can be filled both in-clinic and at home by your patients when the form is sent to them in advance. They can be completed using any modern web browser, on any device.

Browser requirements

Here are some popular browsers that are compatible:

  • Mozilla Firefox (Latest version)

  • Apple Safari (Latest version)

  • Google Chrome (Latest version)

  • Microsoft Edge (Latest version)

  • Opera (Latest version)

You can visit our browser check page to see if your browser, or your patient's is compatible.

Device requirements

Finger-Ink Forms look great on various devices, including:

  • Desktop computers

  • Laptops

  • Tablets

  • Smartphones

Forms are resized dynamically to fit the size of the device. As long as the device has internet connectivity and a modern browser, patients should be able to fill out Forms with ease.


Our Forms are designed to be user-friendly and should work well on most devices and browsers. However, for the best experience, it is recommended to use updated versions of browsers to ensure that all form features function correctly.

Tips for a smooth experience

  • Ensure patients have a stable internet connection to prevent any disruptions while filling out the Forms.

  • Suggest using the latest version of their preferred browser to avoid any compatibility issues.

  • If a patient encounters any issues while filling out a form, they can try using a different browser or device, or contact your clinic for further assistance. If needed, the clinic should get in touch with Finger-Ink for further help.

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