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Finger-Ink features explained
Finger-Ink features explained

Learn exactly how Finger-Ink gives you more time for things that matter.

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Finger-Ink is a Paperless Forms & Self Check-in solution. Filled forms flow through to Cliniko as PDFs and update the patient record in the process.

For more about what Finger-Ink is and why you might want to use it, see our What is Finger-Ink? article.

Use it with an iPad, or without

How you use Finger-Ink depends on whether or not you'll be using an iPad. Using our iPad app gives you in-clinic forms and a check-in kiosk.

You can also send your paperless forms to your patients to fill in before their appointment, on their own devices. No iPad is necessary for this.

Forms on the iPad

Our purple-built iPad app pre-fills forms from Cliniko for quick form filling. Perfect for an ad-hoc consent, or for those that haven't yet completed their intake. Take a look.

Check-in on the iPad

The iPad app also transforms into a check-in kiosk. Buy yourself a nice stand with a lock, plug in the iPad to keep it charged, and give your admin staff more time for more valuable tasks.

Sending forms to your patients

Each of your Forms in Finger-Ink get their own unique URL that will point to that form for life — even if you re-name it. The URL will look something like this:

(where "your-clinic-name" is an URL-friendly representation of the name of your clinic, and "your-form-name" is the same but for the name of your Form)

You can share these URLs via any means necessary, at any point, with any patient — new or existing! We recommend adding it to Cliniko's Appointment Reminder Templates so that your patients receive it shortly after booking their appointment.

Here's what it looks like to fill out a form via a URL:

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