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Inbox Overview

Learn about what a Response is, why it might come into the Inbox, and what to do with it.

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The first page you're presented with after signing into the Portal is the Inbox. The Inbox is first place all your Responses will visit before being processed.

What exactly is a Response

When a Form is filled via the iPad app or the web via its unique URL, it comes into Finger-Ink as a Response. It's a record of the answers the patient gave, and some metadata around when it was recorded, and how it's tracked as it goes through the system to Cliniko.

An inbox can be processed. This is what we call it when it's sent to Cliniko in the way you've previously specified.

The Inbox — where Responses go first

When the Response comes into Finger-Ink, it always goes to the Inbox first. It might not stay there for very long if it's processed automatically, but it definitely goes there first. Here's what a Response looks like in the Inbox:

From here, the Response can be processed. This happens happens either automatically (when possible), or manually. Please see our article on processing Responses for more information on this topic.

After the Inbox

After a Response has been processed (i.e. it's in Cliniko), it will no longer appear in the Inbox, but will instead appear in the Processed tab. This is where all your processed Responses end up.

Next Steps

Now that you've been briefly introduced to the Inbox, it's time to find out how to process a Response.

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