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How to get a paper copy of your Finger-Ink Form
How to get a paper copy of your Finger-Ink Form

Learn how to preview and print a physical copy of your Form.

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Sometimes you might need a physical copy of your form. This may be for patients who prefer to fill out forms by hand, or if you're going onsite without the iPad app. Here's how it's done.

Print preview

When you're signed into the portal, go to the forms page, then click on the form you'd like to print. In the top-left hand corner of the screen, you'll see a button with a little printer icon:

Clicking this button will bring up a printable version of your form, like this:

All the bits

The printable version of the form tries to represent all the nuance of your Finger-Ink form, but in a version that can be understood on paper. That includes:

  • Required fields

  • Placeholders

  • Visibility logic

  • Body charts

  • Signatures

As we can't do things like show and hide fields dynamically on a paper form, we've done our best to include annotate where extra care is required. For example: while required fields don't prevent the patient from "moving on" with the rest of the form, they are clearly marked.

For visibility logic, we display all possible paths, then clearly mark where a decision needs to be made, like this:

Printing it out

From this page, you'll want to print via your browser — usually via File > Print.

You can either send it to a printer directly, or download a PDF version of the page that you can print later.

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