Setup form requirements

You can require patients to fill out a form during check-in and, if you want, only if they haven't filled out that form before.

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Form requirements are per appointment type

You can configure the check-in process to require one or more forms to be filled if the patient comes in for a specific appointment type.

Here are a couple of example form requirements that are possible to setup:

  1. Always require the consent form for initial appointments, only require the medical history form if they haven't filled it out within the last 12 months.

  2. Require the covid-19 screening form if they haven't filled one out in the last week.

Here's what those look like in pictures.

1. Always consent, sometimes medical history

2. Require covid-19 screening unless filled recently

Web forms are included in this "Only if not filled..." logic

If a form was filled via the web, before the patient comes into the clinic, it's still considered when figuring out if a form is required during check-in. E.g.

  1. Patient books, then fills out medical history on the web.

  2. Patient comes into their Initial appointment the next month.

  3. Patient is asked to fill out the consent form, but not the medical history form as they filled it out in the previous month.

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