When a form is filled out online by one of your patients, it gets sent your "Inbox" within your account portal online.

This Inbox is where you can view forms that have been completed as well as process them for being sent to Cliniko. 

This web page is "live" in that it is constantly checking for new forms to come in. When there are new forms, there will be a notice at the top with an option to refresh the page.

Tapping "refresh now" will display any new forms. In the screenshot below we have a new "Patient Intake & Consent" form filled out by patient with initials "JS".  

At this point, we have the option to decide whether or not this should be a new patient in Cliniko or if it's for an existing patient and we should update their details.

We try to find matching patients based on:

  • first name

  • last name

  • email address

  • date of birth

Matching criteria can be:

  • a complete match – for when data entered matches data in Cliniko (shown as green)

  • a mismatch – for when data entered doesn't match data in Cliniko (shown as red)

  • no match – for when there's either no data in Cliniko or Finger-ink to compare (shown as grey) 

In this case, first name, last name, email, and dob have all matched correctly, so we can be fairly certain that we can update the patient in Cliniko without issue by tapping "update patient". 

If we decided it wasn't a match (maybe the matching criteria was only 50% or even less), we can choose to create a new patient by tapping "new patient".

If you need more info to clarify who the patient is, you can choose "Show responses".

This will show you all the responses the patient gave.

If no criteria matched and we didn't even find a patient in Cliniko, "new patient" would be the only option to choose.

And if you're only testing or the form was filled out by mistake, you can choose "delete". This will put the form in the Trash, at which point the form can either be "restored" or you can delete it to remove it entirely.

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