This is step 13 of our step-by-step guide on how to create your very own Intake form.

Step 13 – Test your form

Now that we've made our form and published it ready for use, let's go ahead and test it out as if we were a patient to a) see how it looks and b) make sure everything works as expected (for example, all the visibility logic we set up).

You can test your form in two ways:

  • Using the web app

  • Using the iPad app

The web app will certainly be quicker and easier, especially if you've been editing your form on a laptop or PC. If you plan to use the iPad app though, it'll be good to do a final test there as well.

Test using the web app

Assuming you've enabled your form for use on the web in Step 11, all you have to do is click the "public link" button to open up the form.

This will open up the form in a new tab and display it like so:

Go through it and test different answers, see how it looks, and make sure it all works as you'd expect.

Complete the form all the way through to confirming and signing.

Test using the iPad app

Testing with the iPad app requires a little extra step, but is handy for the web app testing as well.

  • Create a fake/test patient in Cliniko and create a booking for them to be seen today. This booking will then be displayed within Finger-Ink.

  • Tap on the test patient/appointment in Finger-Ink to display your list of forms.

  • Choose your form.

(This is covered in a little more detail here)

Tested your form? See what's next...

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