Testing Check-in

Learn how to make sure your Check-in flow is configured correctly.

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If you're here, you should have already configured your Check-in flow. If you haven't, do that now. I'll wait. πŸ˜…

When you're all setup, it's time to test!

Add a test appointment in Cliniko

The first step in testing is to add a test appointment in Cliniko, like this:

☝️ Make sure your test patient has at least a date of birth or mobile number set β€” as you'll need one of these during Check-in.

Start Kiosk mode from the iPad

Next, navigate to the Kiosk mode setup screen, then tap the launch button:

You'll get a warning about Guided Access not being started, but it's only us testing, so we'll launch anyway:

Go through your flow

Now all that's left is to go through your Check-in flow, making sure that:

  • Any text customisations are coming through.

  • Both your primary and fallback Check-in methods are working.

  • Any Form requirements are working as expected.

Here's an example flow:

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