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What do I do if check-in isn't finding my appointments?
What do I do if check-in isn't finding my appointments?

Learn how to diagnose and solve common issues resulting in appointments not being found.

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Have you ever seen this screen during Check-in, when you know there's an appointment in Cliniko?

There are many possible causes of an appointment not being found. Let's dive in.

Check that the appointment exists in the app

Our Check-in system only checks patients into appointments:

  1. That it knows about (i.e. have been downloaded into the app)

  2. That are for "today", or in the future.

So, the first thing to check is whether or not your appointments are being downloaded to the app correctly. To do this, exit kiosk mode, then check the Appointments screen:

If the appointment you're expecting to see isn't there, then you should:

  1. Make sure that you've got a good Wifi signal, and that you're connected to the portal

If you're still missing appointments, please get in touch and we'll investigate further.

Using phone numbers? Check your iPad Region

Check-in can be configured to request a mobile phone number to identify an appointment. If your setup is like this, your appointments are there, but phone numbers aren't working at all for any appointments, then you're in the right place!

Finger-Ink uses normalised phone numbers to match appointments. That just means that the phone numbers are stored in a particular way, with their country code, against the appointment. Because of this, we need to convert any entered phone number into the same format, including the country code, before trying to match an appointment.

We have a database of country codes on the iPad, but we first need to determine your country. To do this, we rely on the Region settings on your iPad. If your Region is set to anything other than the same country as your Cliniko account, then phone numbers won't work during Check-in.

So please go check your Region settings now.

Some other reason

If your appointments aren't being found and you've checked both of the above, please reach out to us using the chat bubble and we'll help you get it sorted.

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