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How can I access the Portal?
How can I access the Portal?

Use your email & password, or set a new password with your Cliniko API key.

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The Finger-Ink Portal is what you and your team can use to administer your Finger-Ink account.

Have an existing password?

If you've already set a password for the Portal, please visit the Portal sign-in page to sign in. You'll use the email address from your Cliniko account, and the password you've already set.

Need to set a password?

If you haven't yet set a password, or you've forgotten your password, you can set a new password with an API key from your Cliniko account through the Set a password with your API key page.

If you need assistance, you can follow the interactive step-by-step tutorial here, or watch the video version below:

☝️ You won't be able to use the original API key you generated again, unless you had previously saved it, as Cliniko only shows it once after generation. However, you can generate another API key to set a new password, removing the old API key when you're done. The new API key you use to set a password will replace the one that used to be there.

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