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Forms on the iPad vs the web
Forms on the iPad vs the web

Learn about the differences between in-clinic and at-home Form filling.

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Our iPad app is designed for Form filling and Check-in in your clinic, when the patient arrives for their appointment. Publishing Forms to the web gives them a unique URL. This allows filling by your patients, on their own device, at any time prior to their appointment.

What it looks like

Here's what it looks like to fill out a Form on the iPad:

And here's the same Form on the web, accessed via its URL:


On the iPad app, an appointment is identified for a patient before the Form is started. On the web, no appointment or patient identifier is known prior to filling. This means that when the Forms are filled, we need to handle them differently.

App Forms

Web Forms

Pre-populates from patient record


Supports selfies


Flows through the Finger-Ink Portal Inbox

Always knows the right patient to update

☝️ has to try and match after filling

Always processes automatically

☝️ most of the time

Marks appointment as arrived in Cliniko


Supports all other Form features

Works on most desktops, laptops & phones


Differences will narrow over time

We're working to close the gap between Forms on the iPad and Forms on the web. Watch this space.

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