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How do I find a patient's ID in Cliniko?
How do I find a patient's ID in Cliniko?

Needing to manually match a patient in the portal? Here's how to find their ID.

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When processing forms in the Inbox, we match to potential patients by name, email address and DOB. Sometimes, though, a match isn't found, and the system needs a little help. You can help by manually specifying a patient ID to match, before continuing with processing.

During this manual specification process, you'll be asked to enter the ID of the patient you'd like to try and match with. This article explains how to get that ID.

You can quickly browse your patients in Cliniko using this link:

Once you've got your patients page open, find the appropriate patient and tap on their name. Once their record has loaded, you can find the ID:

On a computer

To find a patient's ID, open up their patient record in Cliniko. Then, look at the URL in the address bar. The number at the end of the URL will be the patient's ID:

On an iPad

If you're doing this on an iPad, you might only see the domain part of the URL. If this is the case, tap on the domain and it will expand to the full URL. Select the ID from this URL, and tap copy:

Once you've got this ID, you can continue manually specifying a patient ID to match.

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