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Testing a Form from the browser
Testing a Form from the browser

Test how your patients will fill Forms at home with Finger-Ink Forms published to the web.

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Most of the time your Finger-Ink Forms will be accessed via a web browser (like Safari or Firefox) by your patients in the comfort of their own home, shortly after they book.

Follow along here to see what this is like before you add your own Forms to Finger-Ink.

๐ŸŽ‰ All accounts come pre-loaded with an "Example Intake" Form. Use this form to see what your patients will see before you go through the trouble of creating your Forms.

Fill out the Form

The first step is to find the public Form URL for the "Example Intake" form. Once you have that, visit it in your web browser โ€” and you'll be able to fill out (and sign) the form, like this:

There may be an extra step before it's in Cliniko

Forms filled via the web are accessed via a public form URL. That means we don't actually know who is filling it out until they've finished filling it out, and our Portal contacts your Cliniko account to check which of your patients match the information given on the Form.

If you've only got one practitioner in your Cliniko account then this Response (what we call a Form that's been filled) would have flowed automatically through to Cliniko, in all the ways a Form usually does.

If you've got more than one practitioner in Cliniko then this Response is probably hanging out in the Portal Inbox, like this:

The reason for this is twofold:

  1. The Form is configured to create a draft treatment note when it comes in as a Response.

  2. There's more than one practitioner in the account.

Why does #2 matter? Because Cliniko's security roles dictate that only the practitioner who created a treatment note can edit it, archive it or make it final. So, we need to know who should be creating the treatment note.

If there's only one practitioner in the account, we know who should create the treatment note. But with more than one practitioner, the only way we can tell automatically is by checking the practitioner listed on the next appointment for the matched patient.

In this case, the test fill you did probably doesn't have a next appointment, and thus is sitting in your Inbox, awaiting action.

So, the thing to do here is to process the form manually.

Go check Cliniko

This is my favourite part โ€”ย go check Cliniko! The patient will have been updated in all the usual ways.

If you visit the Processed Responses page, there's even a handy link that will get you there quickly:

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