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Forms Overview

How Forms in Finger-Ink work

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Forms are central to Finger-Ink — it's why we exist. With our Forms, your patients can provide you the information you need to give them the best care possible.

Filling forms

Our forms can be published both to the web, and to the Finger-Ink iPad app. The iPad app is meant for in-clinic filling, and can be used as a patient check-in kiosk. Forms filled on the iPad flow through the Inbox in our Portal — straight to Cliniko.

Web forms are accessed by your patients through a per-form public URL. Once filled, they're sent to your Inbox in our Portal. From there, they're automatically processed if possible, or they stay there until you action them.

Where filled forms go

We call a completed or filled form a Response. Once the response comes into Finger-Ink, it's in the Inbox. If possible, it's processed through to Cliniko automatically. This means we communicate with Cliniko to:

  1. Update the patient record

  2. Add a PDF to the files section

  3. Creating a treatment note

  4. Mark the patient as arrived (only when filled via the iPad)

Your unique Forms

In Thailand there is a saying: "Same same, but different". Your clinic is like that — similar to others in your space, but uniquely your own. Your consent wording is likely to be different to that of another. You might require extra NDIS information. You might have on-brand bodycharts that you'd like to use. Perhaps you need to account for multiple languages.

Our Form Editor

Our Form Editor lets you customise form filling to give your patients the very best experience with your clinic.

The possibilities

Questions can be added, changed, re-ordered or deleted. Fields can be programmed to push and pull data from certain fields on the patient record if desired. Flow can be controlled with follow-up questions. Answers can be gathered in different ways — draw on a body chart, watch a video, hit the accept button to give consent, enter text, enter a date etc. Signatures for one or multiple parties can be required. Scores can be calculated. And much more.

Your Forms can be published to the iPad app, for filling at the time of appointment, or the web, for filling prior to the appointment.

How it's done

Our Form Editor is built into our Portal — and is available to you by signing in. Once in there, any form of yours can be changed in any way you deem appropriate.

Alternatively, you can get the experts (read: us 🤩) to create or change your Forms for you! This service incurs a fee, but it can save you a lot of time. We use our expert knowledge of what's possible, our experience of thousands of Forms built already, and our keen design eyes to make sure your form represents you in the best possible light.

Reach out to us via chat if you'd like to take advantage of this service.

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