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How do I create a new Form?
How do I create a new Form?

Learn how to get your Forms into Finger-Ink.

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The quickest way to get take advantage of all Finger-Ink has to offer in terms of Forms is to use our Form Conversion Service. This is our "done-for-you" offering where we convert your existing Forms into our format. It does have a fee attached, but if you're not happy we'll happily offer you a refund.

Using the Form Editor

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a DIYer with technical chops, you might want to get stuck in and use our Form Editor. The first step here is to add your Form (templates) through the Portal:

Consent Form

The first menu item, Consent, is our barest-of-bones Form template. This Form consists of two sections with one screen in each section:

  • A screen for the patient's name

  • A screen for a policy you'd like the patient to agree to

You can then add additional sections, screens and fields at your leisure.

Intake & Consent Form

The second menu item, Intake & Consent, is a bit more full-featured. It adds a number of screens that update more the main bits of the patient record in Cliniko. The main sections are:

  • The Identity section, containing screens for name, selfie, date of birth, gender, occupation and medicare number.

  • The Contact section, containing screens for email address, phone numbers, physical address, emergency contact, and automated reminder type.

  • The Billing section, containing screens for the referral source, and invoicing details.

Here's a video of all the screens that are added by default:

As with the Consent Form, you can then add additional sections, screens and fields at your leisure.

Import a Treatment Note Template from Cliniko

Did you know that Finger-Ink Forms can create Treatment Notes upon completion? Well, now you do! ๐Ÿ˜Š We can also import an existing Treatment Note Template as a Form in Finger-Ink. That's what the fourth menu item, Treatment note template, does.

Here's how that works:

โ˜๏ธ The "Add intake screens after importing" adds the standard screens (i.e. the same ones included when you add an Intake & Consent Form) to this Form before any of the ones from your Treatment Note.

Now your Treatment Note Template is in Finger-Ink as a Form, and you can modify it with the Editor as you see fit.

Import a Patient Form Template from Cliniko

Coming back to the the third menu item now: Patient form template. This, as you might expect, lets you import a Patient Form Template from Cliniko.

It works in exactly the same way at the Treatment Note Template import functionality, except that it looks to your Patient Form Templates in Cliniko, rather than Treatment Note Templates:

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