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Why aren't Treatment Notes being created from my Responses?
Why aren't Treatment Notes being created from my Responses?

Read this article to learn how to stop this from happening in future.

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If you're here, you probably received an email regarding a response that skipped treatment note creation.

Why did this happen?

One of your Form templates is configured to create a Treatment Note upon completion. The Form should have created a Treatment Note as a particular practitioner, but their API key has not yet been added to Finger-Ink. As such, the Treatment Note wasn't be created as it should have been.

What do I need to do?

☝️ Read the section below on preventing this from happening in the future — even if you don't care that creation was skipped.

First, find the response on the Processed page in the Finger-Ink Portal. You can do this through the filter button on the Processed Responses page:

Once activated, you'll see all responses where the treatment note creation was skipped due to a missing API key. Here's an example. Notice the "create now" button in the last row:

If you tap that, you'll be asked to select a practitioner and confirm treatment note creation:

In this example, I can't click confirm as Pactrick Titioneaux doesn't have an API key connected in Finger-Ink (which is why this workflow step was skipped in the first place).

To fix this, I'll have to make sure that Patrick's API key is added to Finger-Ink. Or, I can choose a different practitioner to create the Treatment Note:

How do I stop these emails?

You have two options:

  1. Turn off treatment note creation on your forms if you don't require it, or...

  2. Add any missing practitioner API keys to Finger-Ink to enable treatment note creation by any practitioner.

If turning off treatment note creation sounds like a bit of you, please read this article on changing treatment note workflow behaviour to learn how to do this.

☝️ Remember to do this for all your forms and re-publish.

If you'd prefer to add missing practitioner API keys, then please read our article on adding API keys and follow the steps therein.

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