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How the practitioner is chosen during Treatment Note creation
How the practitioner is chosen during Treatment Note creation

Learn how the practitioner is chosen when processing Responses from the Inbox.

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Form responses from the iPad app send through not just the patient and appointment IDs, but also the practitioner ID. As such, any required treatment notes will be created as that specific practitioner.

Form responses from the web, however, don't have that luxury. Instead they need to make an educated guess. This guess is educated by the next appointment.

Take the practitioner from the next appointment

When a matching patient is found, and that matching patient has a next appointment, then we suggest the treatment note is created as the practitioner listed on the appointment:

Sometimes, this practitioner doesn't have an API key connected in Finger-Ink:

If this is the case, we'll still select them as the practitioner (as they should be creating the treatment note), but you won't be able to continue until you've added their API key into the portal.

Default to the first practitioner with an API key if no appointment

When no next appointment was found, then we'll select the first available practitioner and leave it up to you to change:

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