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How can I change which Appointments I see on the iPad?
How can I change which Appointments I see on the iPad?

Learn how you can show different Appointments on the iPad.

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By default, the Appointments screen shows all appointments for all practitioners for today:

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This can be tweaked using the buttons at the top of the screen to change which practitioners' appointments show up, and whether the appointments are for yesterday, today or tomorrow.

Hiding appointments for select practitioners

If you're using the iPad app in a clinic where not all of your practitioners are practicing, you don't want to see all their appointments. Only the ones that matter.

To change which practitioner's appointments are showing, tap the "all showing" button and deselect the practitioners you'd like to hide:

You'll notice that the text on the practitioner filter button changes, along with the colour, to reminder you that something's hidden:

Changing the day

By default, today's appointments will display on the Appointments screen. If, however, you need to see yesterday or tomorrow's appointments, just tap the today button and change:

Like the practitioner filter button, the today button also changes text and colour to remind you that it's not on the default setting:

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