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How do I start a Form for a patient on the iPad?
How do I start a Form for a patient on the iPad?

Learn about how you start a Form within the Finger-Ink app.

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You should already know that Finger-Ink Forms can be filled out on the web in advance of the appointment, and using the iPad app when the patient comes in.

There are two ways to use the iPad app to fill out a Form:

  1. From the Appointments screen

  2. Using Check-in

From the Appointments screen

If you're not using Check-in, then your admin staff will be the ones greeting the patient as they walk in the door.

Once they've entered the passcode into the Finger-Ink app, they'll see the Appointments screen. By default, this screen shows all Appointments for all practitioners for today, but you can change which appointments you see.

They then locate the patient's appointment by scrolling through the list, or using the search functionality. Once they find the right appointment, they tap on it to bring up the list of available Forms. Then they tap on the Forms they want filled, tap the start button, then hand the iPad to the patient to fill out the Forms:

☝️ The app let's your staff know of the last time a specific Form was filled for the patient. They can then use their judgement when deciding which Forms to start for the patient when they come in.

If you started multiple Forms for a patient, they'll be asked to complete each one in the order in which they were selected until there are no more Forms to fill. At that point they'll be asked to hand the iPad back to reception.

Using Check-in

Starting a Form through Check-in happens automatically when a patient checks in. To learn about how all that works, check out the section on Form requirements in the configuring Check-in article.

Here's what that looks like in action:

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