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Discover how the iPad can be put into kiosk mode to allow patient check-in.

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The purpose-built Finger-Ink iPad app can be put into something we call "kiosk mode". This allows your patients to check themselves in, and fill out any necessary Forms, on arrival.

It's a fully self-service system — giving you and your admin staff more time for what matters. Here's what it looks like:

Check-in flow

A number of items can be adjusted to tweak your Check-in flow:

  • Ask for date of birth or mobile number instead

  • Request that the patient verify their identity with their initials, or not

  • Specify which forms, if any, are required to be filled for which appointment type — and how often

  • Customise the greeting and thanks language to fit with your style

Here's a quick look at the options in the app itself:

What happens in Cliniko

When a patient checks in through the Finger-Ink app, the patient is marked as arrived on the appointment in Cliniko:

If there are Forms that need to be filled as part of the Check-in, then we'll only mark the patient as arrived on the appointment after the first Form has been filled.

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