Let your patients check themselves in on arrival

Kiosk mode allows your patients to check themselves in and fill out any necessary forms on arrival. It's a fully self-service system — freeing up receptionists for more pressing tasks, or helping small clinics avoid even having a receptionist.

Here's how it looks to the patient when they arrive:

You can customise check-in to fit your flow

Since v4 of the app, check-in can be customised how you like. You can ask for DOB up front, or mobile number instead. You can request the patient verify their identity with their initials, or not. Forms can be required upon check-in if necessary. And they can be skipped if already filled within a certain timeframe.

In detail

In the series of overview articles that follow, we'll talk about a few different aspects of kiosk mode and the check-in process in detail, including:

  • Greeting your patients

  • Identifying a patient

  • Filling out a form (optional)

  • Checking a patient in

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