Kiosk mode allows your patients to check themselves in and fill out any necessary forms as part of that process. It's a fully self-service system freeing up receptionist for more pressing tasks or even helping to fill that gap for smaller clinics who may not have one.

If you're not sure what kiosk mode is, you may want to check out this article first.

If you're familiar with kiosk mode and want to learn about how to set things up, keep reading. 

Configuring Kiosk mode

Kiosk mode configuration consists of a few different parts, as well as some helpful tips. We'll go through each of these starting from the top:

  • Guided access
  • Battery/charger set up
  • Welcome screen
  • Form requirements based on appointment types

Guided Access

Guided access is a way for you to lock down your iPad so that a) the iPad doesn't go to sleep, and b) users can't leave the Finger-Ink app.

We strongly suggest enabling guided access as it's designed to be used for a scenario just like this – kiosk mode.

Guided access is an iPad setting (outside of Finger-Ink) and while we can detect whether or not it's enabled and running, you have to go to the Settings app to enable it. 

We'll show you a little indicator if guided access isn't running, like this:

If you tap learn more, we'll tell you a bit more about what guided access does as well as link you to the Settings App to enable it. 

If you'd like to learn more, be sure to check out our article about guided access here.

Battery/charger set up

The next row down is another little information tip/reminder, telling you whether or not your iPad is plugged in.

Again, we strongly suggest you plug your iPad in. This ensures the iPad doesn't shut off and that your patients will always having a running kiosk to arrive to.

The next row down after the battery is just a little bit of information about what to expect when launching kiosk mode. You'll notice this will change once you configure a form (more on that below). 

Welcome screen

The welcome screen is the first real bit of configuration. It's the first thing your patients will see when first approaching the iPad. The first row under the "check-in" section is where you'll configure the welcome screen.

The heading is displayed in large text and animates between the comma-separated words. With the configuration above, the heading will say "Hello", then "Hi there", then "Check in", and so on. These should be short, quick words that are easy to read and that will gently grab someone's attention. Feel free to change these or add more to your liking.

The message is displayed in smaller text and doesn't animate. You use this as a place to provide more info once you've gotten the patient's attention to explain what they should do (i.e. check in).

Here's how the above configuration will look on the welcome screen:

Form requirements based on appointment types

Here's the fun part. You can configure the check-in process to require a form to be filled based on what appointment type the patient has arrived for.

For example, your configuration might be something like, "When a patient is booked in for their First Appointment, they should fill out the Intake form."

To add a form requirement similar to this, tap the "Add form requirement" button.

Then choose an appointment type and the corresponding form you'd like to have filled out.

Now if a patient comes in for their first appointment, they'll be asked to fill out the Intake form as part of the check-in process.

Launching kiosk mode

Once you have everything configured as you'd like, it's time to launch Kiosk mode using the button in the upper right-hand corner.

You may notice that this button changes based on your configuration. Since we set up a form in the last step, the button says "check-in form required". If we didn't, it would say "no check-in form required".

The button is also grey. That's because I have not yet enabled Guided Access mode and the iPad is not plugged in (if you remember, we strongly recommend you do both of those). Additionally, a warning will appear if you launch kiosk mode without guided access enabled.

Once you enable guided access and plug in the iPad, the button will turn green indicating you're good to go and no warning will be presented.

Kiosk mode is now running  🎉

The app will remain in kiosk mode until an admin exits using the semi-secret button in the bottom left-hand corner. 

If you'd like a refresher of what happens once kiosk mode is running, be sure to check out this article:

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