Guided access is a way for you to lock down your iPad so that a) the iPad doesn't go to sleep, and b) users can't leave the Finger-Ink app.

We strongly suggest enabling guided access as it's designed to be used for a scenario just like this – kiosk mode.

Guided access is an iPad setting (outside of Finger-Ink) and while we can detect whether or not it's enabled and running, you have to go to the Settings app to enable it. 

We'll show you a little indicator if guided access isn't running, like this:

If you tap learn more, we'll tell you a bit more about what guided access does as well as link you to the Settings App to enable it. 

Enabling guided access

We also recommend running guided access form in-clinic form filling, so you can find out how to switch it on through our article on guided access here.

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