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Things you should consider when starting to use Finger-Ink in your Clinic.

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By this point you should have a great understanding of Finger-Ink. If you don't, please go back and read these linked articles:

You should also have gone through the rest of this Getting Started section, so that your Forms have been added and been configured to send out automatically. And, if required, that you're ready to go with Check-in.

Once you've done all of that, use this list to ensure that you've got everything covered to start using Finger-Ink, with patients, in your clinic.


These questions are relevant whether you're using Finger-Ink in the clinic for Form filling, using Finger-Ink as Check-in kiosk, or both.

  • How many iPads will you have in reception? (depends on how many people will be filling out forms at one time)

  • Are they all running iOS 15.5 or above? (required for the newer features)

  • Do you have good Wifi coverage in all the areas where they will be used?



  • Have you found a suitable area your waiting room the iPad will be placed, close to a wall socket so the iPad doesn't run out of battery?

  • Have you got a stand to ensure your iPad stays where you put it?

  • Have you familiarised yourself with Guided Access to make sure your patients stay within the app?

  • Have you configured Check-in to require certain Forms in cases where they haven't been filled out before-hand?

  • Do you have a back-up plan in place for when the Wifi is down?


Finger-Ink isn't quite a "set it and forget it" solution. There might be times when someone for your team needs to tweak something.

  • Which of your team will be keeping an eye on Finger-Ink to make sure it's running smoothly day-to-day?

  • Which of your team will be managing Form templates, when they need changes?

  • Who should be notified when there's one or more Form Responses in the Inbox requiring attention? And are they setup as such in the Inbox Settings?

  • Do you have a back-up plan in place for when the Wifi is down?


  • Has your team received training on how to use Finger-Ink?

  • Do they know how to troubleshoot common issues?

  • Are they aware of where to find additional training resources or support?


  • Have you established a system for collecting feedback from both staff and patients regarding the Finger-Ink process?

  • Do you have a mechanism in place for reviewing and acting on this feedback?

  • Have you considered scheduling regular review meetings to discuss feedback and potential improvements?


  • Is there a designated person responsible for keeping the Finger-Ink app updated?

  • Do they have a schedule for checking for updates or new feature releases from Finger-Ink?

  • Are they subscribed to Finger-Ink updates or in contact with Finger-Ink support for any essential updates?

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