We've done some major work on our portal recently — including adding the ability to sign in with a password of your choosing. So, how's it all work? Well, for a start, we've got two sign in pages:

  1. Sign in via password

  2. Sign in via Cliniko API key 

Signing in with a password

If you've already set a password, and you know it, you can use that first page to sign in — easy!

Setting, or resetting a password

If you've never set a password, you'll need to visit the second page and sign in with your Cliniko API key for a start.

After signing in, you'll be presented with a page that will require you to set a password. That's right, you'll need to set a password before you continue to the portal.

Once you've set your password you'll then use that, in combination with the email address you use for Cliniko, to sign into the portal from then-on.

You're now signing in as you

☝️ Please note that you're now signing in as yourself, not the account. That means each one of your team has their own individual sign-in email address, and password.

What happened to sign in via the iPad?

We removed the ability to sign in via the a code / the iPad. Why did we do this? A few reasons:

  1. It required you had the iPad with you — without this, you'd be back to generating an API key.

  2. It wasn't as intuitive as we'd liked — it was meant for signing in using a Mac or PC, not the iPad you were currently using. If you tried it with the latter, it failed without letting you know why.

  3. Ultimately, It didn't sign you in, but instead signed in the account instead. We're working towards HIPAA compliance and knowing who's signed in is a big part.

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