Once we've found the right patient, we'll present any forms you have configured. If you don't have any forms configured, or you'd prefer not to ask a patient to fill out a form on check-in, you can skip ahead to the next section – checking a patient in.

Although we're fairly confident we have the right patient at this point, we actually do one more check just to be sure. This is because if we accidentally check in the wrong patient, it's not exactly the end of the world. But if a patient fills out a form for the wrong patient and overwrites it in Cliniko, or a patient's data is accidentally exposed, that's where things could get ugly. 

To ensure this doesn't happen, we ask the patient to enter their name and we do a fuzzy match on what they've entered in. Fuzzy matching allows a little bit of room for a minor typo or two, but if the names are wildly different we put a halt to things and require an administrator (i.e. a receptionist or practitioner) to step in and verify things.

(If the name the patient has entered doesn't match with who we think is filling out the form, an administrator needs to verify things in order to continue with the form or exit and start over)

If everything is fine and it was just a spelling mistake, the patient can continue on with their form. If there wasn't a mismatch to begin with, the patient continues with the form un-interrupted.

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