Once we've found the right patient, we'll present any forms you have configured — if they should be presented. If you don't have any forms configured, or you'd prefer not to ask a patient to fill out a form on check-in, you can skip ahead to the next section – checking a patient in.

Double-checking the patient

Check-in can be configured to require staff intervention if name on the patient record is significantly different to the one entered by the patient while filling out a form during self check-in. When this option is turned on, the patient name on the form won't be pre-populated like the rest of the form.

The option is turned on by default, because it's desirable in most circumstances to ensure no private information is leaked. In v4 of the app, you can disable this option completely — but this is at your own risk.

If you do turn this off, we highly recommend configuring self check-in to ask for initials before displaying any matching appointments.

Anyway, here's what that intervention looks like when enabled:

(If the name the patient has entered doesn't match with who we think is filling out the form, an administrator needs to verify things in order to continue with the form or exit and start over)

If everything is fine and it was just a spelling mistake, the patient can continue on with their form. If there wasn't a mismatch to begin with, the patient continues with the form un-interrupted.

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