Syncing forms to your iPads

How to sync your recent form changes to all of your iPads

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After adding a form or making changes to one using the online web editor, you'll want to make things available on your iPads to use. 

Finger-Ink uses a 2 step process in doing this:

  • Saving your form – this saves all of your changes, but only on the web. This is useful for when you're creating/editing your form and you want to save the progress you've made so far.

  • Publishing your form – this is what publishes the latest saved version of your form to your iPads

As you work on your form, you can use "save draft" to save your progress and continue making changes.

When you made and saved all your changes and are ready for it to be live on your iPads, use "publish".

If you've only made a minor change, you can use "save & publish" to do both at once.

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