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Getting your iPad ready for Forms
Getting your iPad ready for Forms

Learn how to make sure your iPad is ready for patients to fill out Forms.

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While you can use the Finger-Ink iPad app immediately after downloading it from the App Store, there are a few things you'll likely want to check & do.

Change the default Finger-Ink passcode

The default Finger-Ink passcode is 4 3 2 1. Once entered, you're brought to what we call the Administration Area of the app. From there you can navigate to the Settings screen to change the passcode:

☝️ Take care to remember your passcode as it's stored local to the iPad. It cannot be recovered if you forget. That said, you can always delete the app and re-install it from the App Store to reset it.

Prevent Siri from suggesting email addresses

Siri, bless her, tries very hard to be helpful. Unfortunately she doesn't always get it right. In this case, her attempt at being helpful may actually be detrimental to your patients' privacy:

🚨 During Form filling on the iPad: Siri will, by default, suggest email addresses of those in your contacts. So, if you have some patients in your contacts, they might be suggested for the email address.

To turn off Siri's Contact suggestions on the iPad: open the Settings app, scroll down to Contacts and tap on it, tap on Siri & Search, then turn off Show Contact Suggestions:

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