☝️This article only covers the basics of creating a new form. For a more in-depth guide, please see Chris' fantastic set of articles here.

⚡️ The first step is to sign-in to the portal.

Then, navigate to the My forms page from the left-hand menu. Once there, you'll see an "add form" button in the top right-hand corner. Clicking on the button shows the following options:

  1. New consent form

  2. New intake & consent form

  3. Import template from Cliniko

Here's a visual:

This option creates an almost-blank form, containing just the following elements:

  • A screen asking for the name of the patient

  • A screen prompting for agreement to a particular policy

  • A signature prompt

This starter form is best used for, as you guessed, consent forms!

New intake & consent form

This option creates an intake form, with a number of sections:

  • The Identity section, containing screens for name, selfie, date of birth, gender, occupation and medicare number.

  • The Contact section, containing screens for email address, phone numbers, physical address, emergency contact, and automated reminder type.

  • The Billing section, containing screens for the referral source, and invoicing details.

  • Finally, a Consent section which contains one screen for any policy you require. Delete it, customise it, or add more.

It also contains one signature prompt.

Import template from Cliniko

Finally, the option to import from Cliniko will give you a list of treatment note templates from which to choose from, and an option to add the the intake screens and sections to this template after import:

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