Our iOS app has long been able to create treatment notes from a filled form. We've heard from you all that this has been super-handy when creating a canonical "medical history" form that you can "pin" in Cliniko for easy access at a later date.

We launched our web forms feature without this because we knew many of you would get value from web forms, even without it. However, I'm happy to report that it's now "out there" 🎉

The one caveat is that, in order to make sure that the note is created as the appropriate practitioner, we have to give you the choice. Here's how that looks:

Once you click the "update now" button, the response will be sent to Cliniko to update, the patient, add a PDF and create a treatment note.

You've probably got a lot of questions at this stage, like this:

  • How do I turn this off if I don't want it?

  • How does it determine which practitioner is chosen by default?

  • What's that little "appt. not detected" thing?

  • Why does it say "API key missing" in the practitioners drop-down?

Turning off note creation

Turning off note creation is as easy as making a small change using the form editor, then re-publishing the form.

How the practitioner is chosen & appointment detection

The list of practitioners comes straight from your Cliniko account. We would have grabbed this when you signed up, and periodically refresh this to keep it current, but you can also refresh it them from your Users page if you'd like.

Finger-Ink "guesses" at which practitioner should create the note by looking for the next available appointment. Finger-Ink detects the next appointment for each potential patient match. If no appointment is found, a little grey "appt. not detected" badge is added next to the match criteria — and the first practitioner with an API key in Finger-Ink is selected by default.

If an appointment is found, this badge turns blue and details when and who (in terms of the practitioner), like this:

Where "Test Practitioner" is a practitioner in our Cliniko account. The default practitioner is as you'd expect:

However, "Test Practitioner" doesn't yet have an API key in Finger-Ink, so the "update now" button is disabled.

However, we now have a handy way to add API keys for other practitioners right from the portal.

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