Whether you're on the form volume plan and need to know your monthly usage, or you're just curious — you can see your current and past usage using the Finger-Ink customer Portal.

A quick look at the numbers

Once you're signed-in, visit the Subscription page and look near the top of the screen for your current usage (compared with the previous month):

As you can see above, last month we received 846 filled forms, and this we've received only 9 thus far (the current month totals are updated once a day). You can also see that all of these were through web forms, not through the Finger-Ink iPad app.

When we exceed our allowance

In that screenshot above, we're on an unlimited plan. If I happened to be on the form volume plan, things would look a little different:

Visiting the subscription page now reveals that we've exceeded our usage, and lets us know by how much. The sidebar also shows that we've exceeded our usage.

Historical usage

A little further down the page is where you'll find usage for any previous months:

Above, you can see that 878 filled forms were received in June, and 846 filled forms were received in July, when the plan only allowed for 10. (p.s. if your usage looks like this — you really should upgrade, probably to the Unlimited plan).

Changing plans

If you're not quite on the plan that fits your clinic, check out this article on changing your plan.

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