Finger-Ink makes your clinic operations smoother, and makes your you stand out with beautiful, easy-to-use paperless forms for your patients, and an unparalleled patient check-in kiosk.

In-clinic forms, self check-in and/or pre-appointment forms?

You could use Finger-Ink in various ways:

  • Provide a self check-in kiosk to your patients in your reception area, optionally requiring forms to be filled out before checking in.

  • Get patients to fill out and sign forms on arrival (informed consent, medical history, new patient, NDIS service agreement, COVID-19 screening etc.).

  • Get patients to fill out and sign forms ahead of their appointment using our web forms.

Test, make forms, go live!

  1. Test things out to make sure you like how everything fits together.

  2. Get your own custom forms into the Finger-Ink format, and make sure you like how they flow.

  3. Setup your environment, train your staff & start using Finger-Ink with patients!

1. Testing things out

The first step is to get yourself a Finger-Ink account.

What you test depends on how you'd like to use Finger-Ink. Are you interested in patients filling out forms before their appointments always? Do you also want to do in-clinic filling? Were you only wanting Finger-Ink to help alleviate busy times in your reception area with self check-in?

2. Getting your forms into Finger-Ink

You'll want to use your own forms in Finger-Ink. You'll have your own terms, your own ways of asking questions, and your own questions specific to your speciality.

There are two ways to get your forms into Finger-Ink, they're both described in this article here.

3. Setting up your environment, training & using Finger-Ink with patients

You're on the home stretch! Before you use Finger-Ink with patients, you might want to make sure your environment is setup and your team is up-to-speed on what needs to happen:

  • If you're using in-clinic filling: Where does the iPad live? What's the passcode? Which appointment types need specific forms filled out? How often do certain forms need to be filled out?

  • If you're using at-home form filling: Who is going to sign into the portal and check for new forms in the Inbox to process?

  • If you're using self check-in: Is your reception area unattended? Do you have a robust iPad stand? Is your iPad plugged in and charging at all times? Do you have guided access turned on? Are your form requirements configured as required?

That's all folks

If you've got any additional questions — please don't hesitate to browse the rest of our knowledge base, email us, or start a conversation with us via the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

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