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Changing the Check-in logo
Changing the Check-in logo

Learn how you can change the logo displayed while the iPad is in kiosk mode.

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If you're using Check-in, the iPad is one of the first things your patients will see when they walk into the room. That's why we allow customisation of both the Welcome screen text, and your logo.

Unlike the Welcome screen text, your logo is managed outside of the app — which is why it's in this separate article.

The iPads page in the Portal

The first step in changing your logo for Check-in is to navigate to the iPads page in the Portal, then scroll to the bottom of the page:

Then drag a PNG or JPEG, with a maximum size of 300kb, over the top of the existing logo, and click save to upload it. Here's what that looks like:

☝️ If you haven't set a Theme for your Forms then this logo will also apply to your Forms.

Restart the iPad app

The last step is restart the iPad app and the new logo will be downloaded and applied to Check-in.

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