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How practitioner signatures can be added to web Responses
How practitioner signatures can be added to web Responses

Learn how to add a practitioner signature to a Response that's come in via the web.

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Our iPad app is designed to take signatures from both the patient and practitioner at the time of filling. Our web forms are not. They're designed so that the patient signs when they're done, and the practitioner can sign later.

Configuring the Form for an extra signature

If you need a practitioner's signature on a Response, then the first step is to make sure that the Form is configured as such. The following image shows a new signature with a visibility condition to hide the signature during web Form filling.

Signing in the Inbox

Any Response in the Inbox that requires a signature will show up as follows.

Clicking the button will reveal the answers for the Response, and you'll see another button down the bottom to record your signature. Here's how it's done:

Your signature is now recorded with the Response, and will be added to the generated PDF once the form has been processed.

Who signed?

As you and each of your staff have access to the Portal, we record exactly who signed the form. This is also saved to the PDF.

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