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Where can I find my usage?

The Subscription page in the Portal will tell you everything you need to know.

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Whether you're on the form volume plan and need to know your monthly usage, or you're just curious — you can see your current and past usage using the Finger-Ink Portal.

Your current usage

Once you're signed-in, visit the Subscription page and look near the top of the screen for your current usage:

These boxes show:

  • Your total usage (compared with the last month)

  • How many Forms were filled through the iPad app

  • How many Forms were filled through the Web

Historical usage

We don't keep iPad and Web numbers separate month-to-month, but we do keep totals of all your past usage. Look a little further down on the Subscription page to find your historical usage.

Exceeding your allowance

If you're on a form volume plan, you're charged based on the number of forms you think will be filled the following month. We know this can be difficult to judge. So, when you're well over your allowance, we let you know:

Changing plans

If you're not quite on the plan that fits your clinic, check out this article on changing your plan.

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