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How to delete a Response

Learn how to delete a Form Response whether for your own reasons, or because of a patient exercising their right to erasure.

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Responses are kept in Finger-Ink until they're deleted. This not only gives an audit trail of form filling behaviour, but also allows for reversals and re-processing of Responses.

Send a Response to the Bin

Responses need to be sent to the Bin before they can be permanently deleted. You can do this from the Inbox or Processed pages:

Empty the Bin to permanently delete

Once you have one or more Responses in the Bin, you'll be able to empty the Bin by selecting the permanently delete these responses button. This will delete all responses in the Bin, so use this with care.

The process end-to-end

If you're still not 100% sure about how to do this, check out the short video below showing the process end-to-end.

Restoring a Form from the Bin

Sometimes you might accidentally send a Response to the Bin. No problem! You can remove it from the Bin with this button:

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