☝️ Note: Your account comes with an example Intake form pre-loaded. This allows you to get a good idea of how form filling works, and how it flows through to your practice management system, without having to go through the trouble of converting your forms.

The first step to test this out is to find the public link to the form. Once you have that, visit it in your web browser — and you'll be able to fill out (and sign) the form.

☝️ Note: as you didn't launch this form from an appointment, we don't know exactly who this form was for, so there's an extra step before it flows through to Cliniko.

The next step is to go to the Inbox in the Finger-Ink portal, process the form to send it to your practice management system, then go check out the record in your practice management system.

As with iPad forms — the patient record will have been updated with the details you entered on the form, a PDF will have been attached in Files, and a new treatment will have been created (edit this treatment note to see the hidden practitioner-only questions).

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