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Getting your iPad ready for Check-in
Getting your iPad ready for Check-in

Learn what you'll need to do for Check-in — outside of the Finger-Ink app.

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Hopefully you've already had a look at our Check-in Overview article and are aware of what Check-in is, and how it interacts with Cliniko.

Before getting the Finger-Ink part of Check-in setup, there are a few things outside the app that we need to get sorted.

Change the default Finger-Ink passcode

The Finger-Ink passcode is required in order to exit Check-in. The default passcode is 4 3 2 1. Navigate to the Settings screen to change the app passcode, so it's not easy for your patients to guess:

☝️ Take care to remember your passcode as it's stored local to the iPad. It cannot be recovered if you forget. That said, you can always delete the app and re-install it from the App Store to reset it.

Double-check your iPad region

It's necessary for the iPad you're using to have its region set to your actual region. Without this, Check-in may not work. Please follow the instructions on this Apple article on setting the region to ensure this is the case.

Get yourself an iPad stand

The iPad is probably going to live in your waiting room — and probably without you or any of your staff to keep an eye on it. To make sure that it stays where you put it, we highly recommend getting a good-looking stand or wall mount for your iPad, like this one from BossTab:

Not only will this keep your iPad in its rightful place, but you'll be able to keep it plugged in while hiding the charging cable.

Enable Guided Access

While the stand helps keep your iPad where you put it, the only way to ensure that no one accidentally (or on purpose) uses any other app on the iPad is to use Guided Access. Starting Guided Access ensures that:

  1. Your iPad doesn't go to sleep

  2. Your patients can't leave the Finger-Ink app

To enable Guided Access, please see Apple's article on Guided Access as it contains the most up-to-date instructions for your iPad.

We let you know in the app if Guided Access isn't enabled & started before you enter Kiosk mode from the Kiosk mode setup screen:

Next Steps

Once you've got these 3 things sorted, it's time to configure the Check-in flow.

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