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Where does an Form go after it’s filled via the iPad app?
Where does an Form go after it’s filled via the iPad app?

Lean how Forms filled via the iPad app travel from the iPad to the Inbox, then Cliniko.

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A filled Form in Finger-Ink is called a Response. All Responses flow through the Inbox on their way to Cliniko. However, when a Form is filled via the iPad app, rather than on the web, the Response first needs to get to the Portal.

It first goes to the Review section

Once a Form is filled and becomes a Response, it's first port of call is the Review section — and only the Review section of the iPad on which the Form was filled.

Then it's off to Cliniko

When the Response is marked as processing complete on the iPad, that means it's made its way through to the Inbox. As it's from the iPad, it would have been processed automatically already in all the ways it needs to be.

If your Wifi isn't reliable, it might be slow

The iPad app requires good Wifi in order to quickly send Responses to the Portal, and through to Cliniko. If you're expecting a PDF in Cliniko and it never arrives, check the iPad. Perhaps your Response is still queued due to a bad connection:

☝️ If a Response hasn't made it to the Portal (and thus Cliniko) just yet — make sure the iPad has good Wifi and wait a few minutes. We've built a robust processing queue, and any failures will be retried indefinitely.

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